Thursday, 23 February 2012

Batman on Drugs - Scarecrow Triple Dose - Arkham Asylum

Look what amazingly funny Batman video I found! Watch untill the end. The end is the best part!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eytaran will soon be releases by

Eytaran, my sculpt will be released by :)

Here is the news from Gavin Syme website

Watch out for the Eyetaran!
Watch out! …there in the undergrowth…what is it…arrgh…no, its the Eyetaran!
Soon to be added to the growing SHM 15mm Range at isSHM23 Eyetaran. This little fellow is a lot of fun and quite an odd ball too.
Designed by Nick Kondratov this miniature stands about 13mm tall and has a furry body, two little feet, long neck and a single eye. Is it dangerous…most likely…I imagine some sort of bio-beam from its eye.
The great thing about the SHM range is that it lets designers get their own ideas into mold and to market. Otherwise miniatures like this, quirky, useful, would never exist except as one off sculpts or concepts.
I am adding a profile for the Eyetaran to USE ME Alien Safari.
Look for this miniature on during February.
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Monday, 6 February 2012

Minecraft fan made short cartoons

Minecraft Leaking into the Real World

Dune - classic sci-fi DOS game - music

Thanx to youtube user TheSupremeSkill ( uploading classical Dos game Dune soundtrack. Enjoy!

Reunion - classic sci-fi DOS game - music

For all lovers of retro space music and great old Dos games! Music from Reunion! Enjoy! And grand thanx to ParnHawk who uploaded these masterpieces on youtube!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Firing Range -Polygon 1977

Another old sci-fi cartoon about tank which can feel the fear.

Passing - Pereval (1988)

At last I found old soviet sci-fi cartoon Passing - Pereval - Перевал (1988) with English subtitles!!!