Wednesday, 31 July 2013

North Korean vehicles!

Sharing photos of of North Korean tank and APC. I painted these vehicles a mouth ago, and only now I decided to share some photos. Judging from photos and youtube clips of military parades, North Korean vehicle and uniform colour is brownish, so I decided to paint them in Vallejo Brown Violet. 

 From 2002 North Korea use Pokpung-ho as its Main Battle Tank, but it still have huge fleet of older Chonma-ho MBT - a modified version of Soviet T-62. Unfortunately, no one make Pokpung-ho in 15mm. So I decide to stick with Chonma-ho in 15mm. I bought 15mm T-62 from QRF and painted it as early version of Chonma-ho. Korean APC in 15mm was also a bit tricky. As its APC, North Korea use VTT-323 and M-2010 (modified VTT-323 with longer chassis and improved optic). But again, no one makes these vehicles in 15mm. The only solution is to buy Chinese Type 62 APC from QRF and use it as very early version of VTT-323, before Koreans added turret and ATGM on it. 

To make my North Korean Vehicles more interesting I decided to sculpt some stowage from green-stuff. But in case with VTT-323 I think I sculpted to much stowage :) I also added one wooden ammo box from Plastic Soldier Company 25mm gun battery.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

QRF M113 with original gunners head

This is how QRF M113 looks with original gunners head. The head is smaller than Peter Pig modern Marines, so I decided to make a head swap for my other vehicles. But it works OK with Vietnam era Peter Pig Americans, because they have similar head size, and modern era Marines have much bigger heads.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pazner 28(t) and Sd.Kfz. 251

Before painting A7V, I decide to practice on smaller German vehicles. 

Here is Panzer 38 (t) from Zvezda. Hull was painted in Army Painter Uniform Grey and highlights were made by Citadel  Fortress Grey. And don't forget to use Testors Dullcoat :) ! 

Another angle of Panzer 38(t)

Sd.Kfz. 251 from Zvezda

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Real world vehicles that may inspire Star Wars walkers

Maybe I am wrong, but I found that Sd.Kfz. 251 and A7V may inspire Star Wars designers when creating famous AT-ST and AT-AT walkers.

Compare AT-ST and  front part of Sd.Kfz. 251 :)

Compare AT-AT hull and A7V Hull :). They also have similar performance: slow unstoppable machines 

Started painting A7V

I started painting one of my all time favorites tanks - A7V tank in 15mm scale. I got the model from QRF and its really nice huge model with sharp details.I already primed the model and will share photos of finished model really soon. Now I need some Late WW1 Germans :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

15mm M60A1 from QRF Part 3

Some great shots of NATO maneurs from Cold War era

M60-2000 lets convert M60 into Abrams :) :)

The M60-2000, or 120S, is modernized M60 Patton main battle tank marketed for export by General Dynamics Land Systems. The development of the M60-2000 was primarily due to thousands of M60 MBTs in service with many nations unable to afford a sufficient force of more modern main battle tanks. GDLS devised the M60-2000 upgrade, offering many features of the M1A1 Abrams to existing M60 users at a reduced cost.

So in short its an attempt to convert M60 into M60!

15mm M60A1 from QRF Part 2

Just finished painting 15mm M60A1 Patton tank from QRF. Because M60 was in US Army service from 60's to 90's and still serve of some countries even now, it was tough decision to choose color scheme for it. M60 could be painted in Brown Violet for 60's, MERSC camo for 70's-80's and NATO camo for 80's, 90's and 00's. I wanted to use this model for various periods, so I decided to paint it in MERDC camo, so it can be used for 70's-00s and even for 60's if you dont mind wrong camo pattern :)

Searchlight was also included to this models pack, but I haven't mounted it. I plan to buy one more M60A1 and 2 M60A3 to make a platoon of 4 tanks: M60A1, M60A1 with searchlight, M60A3, M60 A3 with commander.

One last thing. Years ago QRF have M60 with tracks like these:

But after M60 was remodeled rigs was added to tracks. Perhaps to make M60 more taller and close to Battlefront M48 Patton:
So I decide to remove the rigs (very simple operation), and make my M60 closer to original version, because its more historically correct :) 

Tomorrow I plan to post more photos of M60A1 in different angles withs Peter Pig 15mm US Marines to show you its size.

Friday, 19 July 2013

LK-II progres report

Small progress report. I finished side of the hull and started detailing the front of a tank. I also enlarged tracks and changed their shape a bit. Still lots of work to do. I need to finish the hull, add rivets and caterpillars, and change the shape of holes on tracks.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Started rebasing my Insurgents

Started rebasing my Insurgents on 15mm clear acrylic bases from Litko

Colonial British rebased

I rebased my colonial British on 15mm clear acrylic bases from Litko.

15mm Grenadier Guard

15mm Grenadier Guard. Originally its a Peter Pig British sergeant with Grenadier hat made from greenstuff.

Minifigs Austrian Cuirassier

Just painted 15mm Napoleonic era Austrian Cuirassier. I got ten of them year ago from one of TMP forum user. They were unpainted so I was not sure about their nation and uniform colour. I even created a topic to identify these chaps 

20% finished Char2c and Rkhm Kashalot

15mm M60A1 from QRF Part 1 - Half Painted

Half painted M60 from QRF in MERDC camouflage. Only turret is finished, so don't bother half painted hull and ugly tracks.

Finished M60A1 turret in MERDC camouflage. 

My Laurie is sleeping!

My Laurie is sleeping!

My Laurie is happy!

My Laurie is happy!

Whats on the Workbench?

Bunch of half painted QRF models. M60A1 Patton (only turret is finished), RKhM "Kashalot" and Char 2C. Sorry for poor lighting :) Its rainy outside.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

LK-II progress report

30% finished LK-II in comparison with T1 and Ford 3-Ton. Turret and top of the tank are finished, but there are still lots of work to do. I need to add doors and more details on the hull and also finish tracks.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ford 3-Ton M1918

Just finished another US light tank of WW1 and Interwar period. This time its Ford 3-Ton M1918 light tankette.

Design on the 3-ton tank started in mid-1918, before which American tank forces had been largely equipped with British or French examples. The 3-Ton was a two man tank designed so that American forces could use another tank besides the Renault FT in battle, and was in fact designed around the FT but as a cheaper alternative. Its two Model T ford engines were controlled from the driver- seated at the front- with a gunner beside him who had control of a 7.62mm machine gun on a limited-traverse mount. The initial production run of the 3-ton was of fifteen vehicles, one of these was sent to France for testing. A contract for 15,000 of these vehicles was awarded; however, the U.S tank corps felt it did not meet the requirements they wanted. The contract for the 15,000 tanks was ended by the Armistice, leaving only the fifteen original vehicles produced.


Friday, 12 July 2013

T1 Cunningham ready for print :)

Made some final touches to the model, so it can be printed and assembled :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

15mm T1 Cunningham FINISHED!


T1 and Litle Willie size comparison. T1 is 3,8cm long and Willie is 5,87cm long


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Started working on 15mm LK-II

I started working on 15mm scale LK-II tank. I just finished base hull and will be adding details soon. There is LOTS and LOTS of work to do. On photo above you can see finished 15mm Little Willie, 80% finished T1 Cunningham (I will add tracks soon) and very raw LK-II. LK-II have same size as Renault FT-17, similar weapon and armor, but much faster (14-18 km/h against 7 km/h)

Finished model will look like this:

T1 Cunningham progress report - part2,5

10 minutes of modeling and hull is done! I plan to finish tracks tomorrow morning. For this picture I included early T1 hull and turret with single gun and also separate T1E1 turret wit short gun and machine gun.

PS. Tomorrow I will also remodel all radiators on both vehicles. I tried to make radiators a bit cartoony, so it will look good in 15mm (model is only 3,8 cm long), but I changed my mind, because the look so bad..