Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Some sketches I made after visiting Australian Museum

Some sketches I made after visiting Australian Museum.

MASSIVE update on Full Throttle Graphic Novel blog!!

MASSIVE update on Full Throttle Graphic Novel blog!!! I just uploaded 7 new pages of Chapter 1 and 7 new pages of Chapter 2.

Full Throttle Graphic Novel blog have been remade

I want to announce that I just redesigned the Full Throttle Graphic Novel blog to make it more user friendly. I grouped all posts into a big one, that now contain pages from Chapter 1.

And more pages will come soon!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ninth planet of Taya - 7 more slides!!!

I added 7 more slides to Ninth planet of Taya! Our crew have arrived at its destination and will soon discover mystery of planet's past.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Soviet Diafilms - MAJOR UPDATE

I am back to translation of vintage Soviet era film-strips! Today I redesigned my Soviet Diafilms blog, added introduction, published 11 new slides and remade all previous ones. I also added 'Notes' section to Ninth planet of Taya (1964) post to explain some cultural differences.

PLEASE if you have better ideas how to edit some sentences, please write them in comments, because English is my second language.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bogatyr and Kurganets-40 - more updated

Sneak peek! The Russian bear has awoken! I a glad to tell you that Bogatyr and Kurganets I made for Armies Army are now casted in metal and resin :)


Heroclix Repaint

I recently discovered that Heroclix gaming figures of 4cm height are very well sculpted. However, the factory painting is very basic and flat. So I decided to get some of those figures on eBay, repaint and re-base them to make them collectable ones.

Click on photos to enlarge them!

The first figure I wanted to share is Magneto from X-Men comic series. As you can see, I removed the figure from its base and repainted it COMPLETELY with high attention to details. I manually added all highlights and shadings using different paints and washers. For example I used 4 shades of purple for Magneto's cloak and 3 shades of red for his clothing. After that I sprayed the figure with Vallejo matt varnish and glued it to a custom made clear acrylic base from LITKO.

Magneto figure before repainting.

Click on photos to enlarge them!

The second figure I wanted to share is Colossus or Piotr Rasputin from X-Men series. I decided to use gloss varnish for his metal skin.

Click on photo to enlarge it

And the last figure for today is Riddler from Batman comics. As you can see on a photo below, the figure had very basic and flat colours before I repainted it. And it was a little difficult to cut him from a base while trying not to damage the money bags.