Thursday, 28 May 2015

Eyetarans have been spotted on Lead Covenant blog!

Eyetarans have been spotted on Lead Covenant blog beautifully painted by Martin Connell!

In this post you can see Eytarans with brown fur on grassy terrain.

Some of my aliens spotted on Magpie and Old Lead

Just spotted some of my miniatures on Magpie and Old Lead blog by very talented Axiom!!! These minis were made for SHM range of

In this post you can see 15mm tiny Krators in the middle as well as some greatly painted aliens from other manufacturers.

And here is Pet Trader's gear, where you can spot Eyetaran, two Swampers and Human Faced Helminth

I am back and huge restructuring in my blogs

I am back to miniature modeling! So be prepared for LOTS of post about miniatures soon.

And I also want to rearrange posts in some of my blogs.

Fjodin's 3D Workbench ( is a new blog where I will post my printable 3D models I made for various manufacturers. Labels will be sorted by company names only plus one "unowned" label for models without owner.

Fjodin's Workshop ( will be about sculpting only.

Fjodin 15mm World ( will be mostly about miniatures, but sometimes I will post some work in progress in 15mm sculpting and 15mm scale 3d model for printing.

Full Throttle and Soviet Diaflims blogs will be without changes, and I hope to continue posting there soon.

So please don't be afraid if some posts will be deleted and moved to other blogs.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

1:100 T-72 main battle tank


T-72M1 - have different glacis plate and dozer blade (cant be seen on this render).

Lion of Babylon have T-72M1 hull with added sand protection to the engine exhausts, and different searchlights near the gun and on commanders cupola. Also it have countermeasure device on left hand side of a turret.

1:100 scale T-64A, T-64B and T-64 BV for Khurasan Miniatures

T-64A Mod 1969



Upgraded 1:100 M113A2 for Khurasan Miniatures

All variants of M113 that can be assembled with this kit.

Converting 1:100 BMP-1 into BMP-2 for Khurasan

I’ve been asked by Khurasan Miniatures to convert their 1:100 scale BMP-1 model into BMP-2. So here is the final result. More than 1/3 of existing BMP-1 was redone or heavily modified and turret was made completely from scratch.

Working on 1:100 K-Wagen

Almost done!