Thursday, 28 May 2015

I am back and huge restructuring in my blogs

I am back to miniature modeling! So be prepared for LOTS of post about miniatures soon.

And I also want to rearrange posts in some of my blogs.

Fjodin's 3D Workbench ( is a new blog where I will post my printable 3D models I made for various manufacturers. Labels will be sorted by company names only plus one "unowned" label for models without owner.

Fjodin's Workshop ( will be about sculpting only.

Fjodin 15mm World ( will be mostly about miniatures, but sometimes I will post some work in progress in 15mm sculpting and 15mm scale 3d model for printing.

Full Throttle and Soviet Diaflims blogs will be without changes, and I hope to continue posting there soon.

So please don't be afraid if some posts will be deleted and moved to other blogs.

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