Sunday, 30 October 2011

15mm Road Tile


Road Tile

Laserburn character ( and cheap 1:87 car

I need to repaint this car.

Second 15mm TIle

Second tile. Just grass and sand.

And also some fir trees individually based and 3 group based.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My new wargame terrain tile! Very pic Heavy!


I made 1 foot Terrain tile with Crescent Cliff (for sci-fi and fantasy).
Made with cork tile glued to custom cutted MDF. The result: hard to damage, lightweight, dont warp!

Grass is Hornby green grass flock with mix of 4 types of Wodland Scenic flock. Bushes are Woodland Scenic. Cliff was made from insulation foam and painted with cheap acrylics. (Main colour is grey, heavy drubrush of light grey, light drybrush of white)

I placed some 15mm minis and rebased model rail fir trees for measurement purposes.

Some details of board:
Trader Smiley

15mm Earth Force Marine Leitenant

Sniper team

Different angles:





1/76 Airfix tanks as VSF Landship - part2

I've started to paint heavy landship "Prince Albert".

Medium landship will be - 15mm Mark1,2,4,5 etc.
Light landship - Whippet

C'mon Lad! We can get it! CHARGE!

But our tank does not finished! We cant move!

1/76 Airfix tanks as VSF Landship - part1

I was in Hobbyco and bought 1/76 Airfix Mark 1 Male tank. Back home I've decided to use it for my 15mm VSF. I've half assembled it and made a size comparison photos with true 15mm minis (with base diameter of 15mm
I choosed: Irregular Miniatures Russian Infantry
Russian Oficer
British Bluejacket
Battleline Miniatures (NZ) Jakobite Rebellion Bagpiper (not quite 15mm)

Here are real Mark1 tank measurements:
Length 32 ft 6 in (9.94 m) with tail
Width 13 ft 9 in (4.33 m) [male]
Height 8 ft 0.5 in (2.44 m)

1/76 model measurements:
Length 10mm (WITHOUT wheels)
Height 2.8 cm

Friday, 28 October 2011

More Civilians

C09 Mounted Boer from Battleline Miniatures "Zulu War" range.

Irregular Miniatures "FZ117 Western Civilian Gentleman", "FZ118 Western Civilian Lady" and between them "JR02 Piper" from Battleline miniatures "18th Century - Jacobite Highlanders" range. There are at least 4 variants of Irregular civilians, so I am going to order rest of them.

Irregular Miniatures "FZ121 Arab Civilian" and "FZ25 Dervish Infantry with musket" painted as Afghan tribesman. Figures from "Colonial" range. I know that there are at least 5 variants of Eastern civilians. I found rest 4 variants here:

New samples

I've painted some 15mm Irregular Miniatures minis from Peasants ( and American Indians ( ranges.

From left to right John Langstaff, PI35 Cowboy or Settler on foot, Pastor Humphries. Really good figures. Knowing that Irregulars have several variants for their figures, I am going to order more variants of these.

And here is a photo of rebased gorillas from

Creatures and toys for 15mm!

I've decided to show you some toys which can be useful for 15mm. I took Irregular Miniatures 15mm "FZ103 British Bluejacket in straw hat" from Colonial range for size measurement.

Waterloo Boy toy. Gift from Barry S

Giant Scorpion. Originaly key trinket scorpion from Australian Reptile Park

And repainted version :)

Toy frog from local toy shop.

Toy ferret from same toy shop.

These 15mm gorillas are not toys, but minis from Fantasy range (

Cowboys and Indians

I'd like to show you some of my painted examples of15mm Pony Wars Range from ( and Battleline Miniatures ( both ranges are same. I don't know why. Maybe bouth companies bought this range from extincted manufacturer :)
These are a bit old but still nice looking figures.

Gunslighters gang. Left guy is repainted Confederate solder from Freikorps 15 (QRF)

PW14 Gunfighter in duster with Shotgun, PW16 Townsman firing Shotgun, PW13 US Cavalry Trooper with Rifle

PW10 Miner with Rifle (Actually it look more like shotgun), PW11 White Woman in Bonnet

PW04 Indian with Bow, PW05 Indian with Tomahawk, RiflePW06 Indian with Rifle, PW06a Indian with Lance

PW03 Indian with Lance on Horse

Old photo of same figure before rebasing on 1 inch washer.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chiss Bounty Hunter

First post!

I've made a repaint of old 15mm Laserburn range adventurer ( ), and now its not human but Chiss Bounty Hunter. If you dont know who are chisses go to Wookipedia ( ). I also bought Titanium range Z-95 Headhunter, repaint it a bit and gived it to my Chiss :)