Thursday, 16 May 2013

Making your own bocages!

I decided to share photos of half made bocages. To make your own bocage, cut the base from plasticard or cardboard. Then glue two matchsticks to the base to prevent warping and add sand and flock to the base. Glue some insulation foam chunks on the base (some wargamers use wire frames), and then glue foliage on foam.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New 15mm terrain and photo technique!

 I want to share some new (and old) scenery for 15mm gaming, such as bocage, fences, trees and tree log. Terrain tile was made from cardboard. I cutted 1 foot square and then primed it to prevent warping. All fences were made  from craft store matchsticks, glued on plasticard base and washed with Agrax Earthshade. Bocage was also glued on plasticard base and have some insulation foam chunks in the middle, covered with bushes. All miniatures are from different manufacturers and time periods. Please bear in mind that I want to base them on 20mm circular clear acrylic bases made by Litko, so that's why they have super tiny bases. The car is WWII era Russian "BA-10 Armored Car" made  by Zvezda. There are French infantry fireteam from 80's made by Peter Pig behind the BA-10 and also a Laserburn range mercenary with assault rifle painted with Vallejo "Japanese Uniform WWII" and highlighted with Citadel paints called "Bubonic Brown" and "Bleached Bone". Soviet 45mm Anti-Tank gun is made by Plastic Soldier Company. Its maned by modern era insurgent commander in red beret, made by Peter Pig  and Cold War era German infantryman, made by QRF.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Stopping the Red Tide

I want to share great blog with you. Its owner, Mike Edwards is a huge fan of Cold War in 15mm and he uses modifier Flames of War rules for it. He also have an army lists for NATO and WARPAC in PDF! His blog is worth visiting :)

You can find his blog here: