Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dead Island amazing trailer (reverse and normal)

Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

And reverse version with normal chronology.

Gruntz unit builder news!

Another interface change update, to include all the upcoming unit types the layout has had to be altered. Now thats LOTS of new unit types!

Sofa of Flame - photo report

click to enlarge.

This is photo-comix about strange thing which happened when I lived in Russia 5 years ago. I made this comic with my sister using photos of REAL event happened under my window.

I was caught on security camera!

Now you know what I look like.

75mm anti tank artillery drone

I decided to use Brigade Models 6mm Neo-Soviet Molotok SP Gun as 15mm anti-tank drone. Its 75mm gun works great against light and medium vehicles and can even cause some damage to tanks. 75mm drone have team of 2 person: loader and operator, who can control drone from command truck.

Anti tank drone from different angles.

Size comparison between drone and Rebel Minis Earth Force Marine.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

G'Day, mate!

My attempt to paint this Laserburn mercenary in Australian camouflage called Auscam. I tried to make these colourfull dots big enough to see them from tabletop height. Final result does not looks as I expected, comparing it to real Auscam. I tried to add more dots and make them smaller, but then all shadows and highlights on model become obscured by these dots...So I like my result. Yes, its not perfect but I like it. Remember its 15mm, not 28mm model. And if you paint 15mm model in realisticly proportioned camouflage its start to blend with gaming terrain.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 funny promotion!

I know its old but funny!

Walking Dead card for Gruntz!

After re-watching first Resident Evil movie, I decided to finish my zombie cards for Gruntz. These are three most common types of zombies.

Infected from Left4Dead 1/2 and 28 Days/Weeks Later. They are fast, but easy to kill. 
Click to enlarge.

Classical slow moving zombies. Easy to hit, but harder to kill than Infected.
Click to enlarge.

Fast moving zombies from Dawn of the Dead (2004). Fast and hard to hill.
Click to enlarge.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Whats on the Workbech?

Matchbox MRAP part 4

Just bought three more Matchbox MRAPs to get full platoon :) 

Gruntz Barracks news

A minor image update showing the ability to enter custom names for the units weapons to upcoming Gruntz army builder.

Unofficial GL915 system map from Gruntz!

My version of capital system map of "Slavyanskiy Soyuz" faction from Gruntz universe (in v1.1 rules). GL915 is also home of Uralvagonzavod - one of the biggest military vehicle manufacturers.

New Author working on Gruntz

I copied this news from Gruntz 15mm sci-fi blog :

Some exciting Gruntz project news. Gruntz has started working with Jennifer Brozek who has won both the ENnie and the Cleo (Origins award) for writing. Jennifer is a freelance author for numerous RPG companies. Winner of both the Origins and the ENnie award, her contributions to RPG sourcebooks include Dragonlance, Colonial Gothic, Shadowrun, Serenity, Savage Worlds, and White Wolf SAS. Jennifer will be adding some interesting new introductions for the various key factions and houses in the Gruntz setting “Heliopause”, building some credible key characters and historical date... more>>>

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gruntz "Barracks" - Army profile builder

Quoting from Gruntz forum :

A commercial note from me regarding a project I have kickstarted with Ian (Wargaming Trader). The Barracks application will allow easy creation and printing of Gruntz profile cards. 

The Gruntz army builder "Barracks" project has just kicked off, any support would be welcome. You can pledge support here:

Some players in the Yahoo group had noted that it is not worth pledging on the perk for the PDF of 1.1 and the Barracks army builder because 1.1. will be free to any owners of v1. I just wanted to make you aware that the perk was added for people that needed the rules or just felt generous and wanted to pledge a bit more toward the development cost of the Barracks army builder.

I was mostly expecting players to take the basic Barracks pledge but would welcome any additional help if possible.

Matchbox MRAP part 3

At last I finished repainting "Matchbox" MRAP! In this and this topics you can see how this 2$ model loked before I repainted it. My first though was to paint it in desert camouflage like Turkish Kirpi BMC, but then I decidet to paint it in green camo.

I have no idea what type of camouflage I painted, because its not real camouflage, but upgraded old soviet Berezka Camouflage.

Here are some shots of front and rear of the vehicle. I placed some minis for size comparison.

Rear of the vehicle. 

I sculpted roll of camouflaged fabric from greenstuff. I also have plan to place HMG on roof.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My minis from SHM range!

While browsing the Web, I found this page of some internet user with photos of my minis from SHM Range . Saddly photo are very dark, but its nice to see that someone bought two of my VERY early minis.

Silent Running (1972) and my damned Soviet childhood :)

Just saw a classic sci-fi movie called Silent Running (1972). Very good emotional, sad and naive movie. Like it a lot. Thankfully its unlikely that situation with forests from this film can happen in real life.

I have no idea why at the end of the movie Lowell took Huey with him on board of Valley Forge before he nukes the ship, leaving Dewey alone in greenhouse drifting into deep space? Yes Huey was damaged but he still able to help Dewey or at least Dewey wont be alone.

PS. Because I spend my childhood in Soviet Union and modern Russia before immigration to Australia five years ago, I missed lots of classical films and serials and now I have a "mission" to watch them all.

PS I am 28 years old, so situation is not hopeless.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free minis from

Just saw this advertisements

Laserburn 'Space Jackers' Offer

Valid Until 4th June 2012

Get a free set of miniatures in every order from us automatically if your order contains at least one sci-fi code from our ranges.

Place an order for any science fiction product that we produce (Any HOF,SHM,Laserburn, 6mm, science fiction rulebook) of any value from one miniature to an entire army or array of books and we will automatically include the Space Jackers in your package free of charge!

This free Laserburn 15mm set of miniatures consists of FIVE figures, three in space suits and two droids (codes 203,205,206,601,603).  A great little set for use in many games and universes including USE ME, Alien Squad Leader, HOF Fire-Team and Laserburn itself.  You can place as many orders as you like and each will automatically contain this free set. But we will supply only one free set per order.
You can combine this offer with any other, meaning you can use a valid discount code, you can also purchase the HOF Fire-Team Dropship Horizon Bundle and so on in the same order. 

Go on...get into space!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

15mm Bunker from Brigade Models

click to enlarge

Just finished painting and weathering 15mm Bunker from Brigade Model, which I bought year ago. I painted it in sand colour, because I don't want to see it in grey concrete colour and I want to use in in desert and woodland areas. Very good model.

Bunker on 1 feet tile. Click to enlarge.

Hello there :) Click to enlarge.

The roof is removable. Click to enlarge.

You can put the whole squad in there. Click to enlarge.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Laserburn Thugs

Thugs from Laserburn with knife, pistol, club. Can be used for sci-fi, modern, post-apocalyptic games. Can be bought from here:

Smat alien from

I am presenting you Smat from Laserburn range. He resembles Alf with lion mane and armed with something like "retro sci-fi" plasma blunderbuss.

Fragalian from SHM range

Fragalian from SHM range.

Some minis from

Three fugires from . Black guy is actually HOF range Mercenary from here . Saurian alien from here and adventurer with rifle from here

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Irregular Miniatures 15mm Maasai

15mm Maasai from Irregular Miniatures. These figures have only one pose, but plenty of variants.

Maasai with mustache, necklace and beard. These are only six figures but soon I paint 4 more figures to get 10-man unit.

Real live Fallout 3 V.A.T.S.

Found this photo in the Web and want to share :)

Friday, 4 May 2012

New Full Throttle pages!

Just posted three new Full Throttle pages. Please visit my Full Throttle blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New 1.1 Assault rules for Gruntz!


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