Monday, 24 September 2012

Cool intromovie from Crysis 2

Really cool intro from Crysis 2

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wood and weathering

I was asked several times what wood I use for my fences and how do I weather my wood. For fences I use "Carnival Woodcraft" matchsticks (2 inches long) from local Sydney craft shop. But you can use simple matchsticks as well. 

For weathering I use Agrax Earthshade mixed with water. Hope that helps. If you have some questions about materials and paint color I use please write to fjodin - at - (Bear in mind that "at" means @. I just dont want web-bots to spam me)

Ghost Recon Alpha - short film

Official "Ghost Recon" short film made by Ubisoft. Alpha sees a team led by Ghost Leader infiltrate a trade at a Russian depot between a general and a mysterious other figure.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Tile

My previous tiles were made of 1 foot cork tile glued with custom made MDF tile. My idea for using additional layer of MDF was to make tile stronger and prevent warping, but this MDF increaced weight of tile, so transportation of 16 tiles to local club was very hard work :) So I decided to make new type of terrain tiles, from 1 layer of cork! New tile was very light and its not waprs. I nearly finished flocking the tile and placed my recently finished terrain pieces on it for photo purposes.

15mm fence section!

Just made a 4 inch long 15mm fence section!

Plastic Soldier Company 45mm AT Gun

Sharing painted version of 15mm Plastic Soldier Company 45mm AT Gun with you :)

Different angle of the gun base. Here you can see the ammo box.

This gun can also be used in 15mm skirmish games as 45mm or just generic anti tank gun.

Aircraft stand

Aircraft stand made by Daniel Mitchell and flocked by me.

Whats on the Workbench?

Click to enlarge.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

VERY tiny 15mm bug

Today I painted a very tiny 15mm bug from Brigade Models "Alien Creatures" pack.

Earth Force Marines rebased

I was not satisfied with my Earth Force Marine bases from this topic! Yes they look good, but the problem is that all my marines wear green armor with brown cloth color, so they often blend with gaming terrain. So after mounts of thoughts I decided to rebase them. So now I am presenting you my new Mars style bases :)

I also changed shoulder armor color of my Earth Force Marines army commander from blue to orange. My idea is that all regular marine will have blue shoulder armor, heavy weapon guys - red, officers - orange.

Repainted T-26

Just repainted 15mm T-26 tank from Zvezda and I am gonna  paint the rest of my T-34 tank force this way. You can see the old color scheme here

I used Knarloc Green for base colour, then I highlighted all hatches with 50/50 mix of Knarloc Green and Straken Green (new paint). Then I used Straken Green to highlight all edges. For some hull and turret edges I used 50/50 mix of Straken Green and Bleached Bone. Then I drybrushed tracks using khemri brown. At the end, I applied minimum amount of blackwash on hull around hatches edges and onto tracks.

Flames of War

I have roughly 1400 point Flames of War Soviet army, but I haven't posted any photos, because I wasn't satisfied with painting style of my infantry. But recently I found the color scheme that suits me and tested it on the  Commissar figure you see on the photo above! So I am gonna to paint all my soviets in same style  as this Commissar. Here are Games Workshop colors I used for the unifrom :
Desert Yellow - Base color
Kommando Khaki - first highlight
Bleached Bone - second highlight

15mm Insurgents rebased

 Just rebased a squad of my 15mm insurgents. These are mostly Peter Pig figures from AK47 Republic range and one Laserburn mercenary figure (the guy in boonie hat and in Auscam camouflage). I painted them half a year ago, but I was not satisfied with their bases. After watching season 2 of Falling Skies, I had an idea of making half grassy, half urban bases, so here are results.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

15mm SMH The Controller

 Just painted my old miniature "The Controller" from SHM Range. I used bounty hunters leader from Critter 2 for inspiration. Here ( ) you can find the original "green" and photo of an alien from Critters 2.