Saturday, 15 December 2012

Even more Krators!!!

Krators horde! One big and 3 small Krators bases 

All variants of small Krators on one base

The last stand.

Asgard from Stargate universe.

Asgard from Stargate universe. Actually its "Rebel Minis" Grey Alien figure.

Color Code:
Base color: Tallarn Flesh
Wash: Seraphim Sepia for light washing of some areas (like back of the head or skin around the eyes)
            Agrax Earthshade for washing most of the skin areas, like spine and space between fingers.
Highlight 1: Tallarn Flesh over some washed areas like and chest and biseps.
Highlight 2: Karak Stone
Eyes base color: Abaddon Black
Eyes highlight: Stormvermin Fur

Capture this alien!!!

New photo techique and Cold War French infantry

Cold War French infantry. Models are from Peter Pig "AK-47 Republic" range. For this photo I used same camera but completely different lighting. So no more "yellow" photos.

If you want to know the color code for these miniatures here it is:
Uniform base color: Knarloc Green/Loren Forest
Uniform highlight 1: Straken Green
Uniform highlight 2: Nurgling Green
Uniform highlight of helmet and sleeves edges: Rotting Flesh or Nurgling Green 50/50 mixed with Bleached Bone
Vest highlight: Rotting Flesh or Nurgling Green 50/50 mixed with Bleached Bone
Rifle base color: Abaddon Black
Rifle Highlight: Adeptus Battlegrey
Rifle edges highlight: Codex Grey
Boots base color: Adeptus Battlegrey
Boots highlight: Stormvermin Fur
Boots edges highlight: Codex Grey
Ammunition base color: Desert Yellow
Ammunition wash: Seraphim Sepia
Ammunition highlight: Desert Yellow (same color as base one over some washed areas)
Ammunition edges highlight: Kommando Khaki/Karak Stone
Skin color: Elf Flesh
Skin wash: Seraphim Sepia
Skin highlight: Elf Flesh (same color as base one over some washed areas)
Skin edges highlight: 50/50 mix of Elf Flesh and Skull White