Thursday, 17 July 2014

Repainting Giganto the Mole monster

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I bought a huge heroclix figure of Giganto on ebay and decided to repaint it. I almost finished the head and chest of a monster and decided to share a photo.

I washed head, chest and shoulder of a monster with green Citadel wash, heavy dybrushed it with Goblin Green then light drybrushed it with Camo Green and after that I used Goblin  Green to manually paint facial features with Camo Green,Bubonic Brown, Red Gore and Blood Red.

For those who don't know who is Giganto, I decided to share this Marvel Wiki link. The Giganto first appeared in Fantastic Four issue 1. He is one of many Deviant dwelling on Monster Isle. The Mole Man made him his servant and used him to attack atomic power plants all over the world.
On the picture above you can see how Giganto looks in comics.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bogatyr - heavy tank of Russian Empire

Just finished Bogatyr heavy tank for Armies Army. Bogatyr is an epic hero from Slavic legends, similar to knight-errant.

The Bogatyr is a heavy armored tank of Russian Empire. It has a crew of 3 and armed with heavy gun located in automated unmanned turret + 2 remote controlled machine guns (same type as on Kurganets-40 MGS). Engine is located at front, crew in middle section and auto-loader in rear section. Like modern Israeli Merkava tank, Bogatyr have armored door at rear part of the hull to load the ammunition. By removing some of the ammo it is possible for Bogatyr to carry up to 5 passengers. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Made Kurganets-40 APC for Armies Army :)

Just made Kurganets-40 APC for Russian Empire faction of Armies Army :) This is 3D model suitable for printing and casting in resin and metal.

In the Future Russian Empire faction took Kurganets-25 vehicle and made heavy modification by adding new armor, weapons and systems. APC and MGS variants have fully automated turrets.

Kurganets-25 is a REAL WORLD ultra modern prototype vehicle that is currently in development by Russian Federation to replace BMP fleet somewhere in 2015-2016 . So the idea with Russian Empire design is not to base their vehicles on real world Soviet designs, but on prototype Russian designs. That way RUSK and Russian Empire vehicles will look Russian but different.

All 4 roofs variants are separate and removable.
APC variant

MGS Variant 

Ambulance/Cargo vehicle variant

Command variant

Close up of command roof

Fully automated APC Turret

Mobile Gun System

Friday, 10 January 2014

Swedish S-Tank (The Stridsvagn 103)

I am proud to show you 15mm Swedish S-Tank or The Stridsvagn 103, that I finished at the beginning of December, but because of Christmas and New Year I found time to post it only now :)  

There should be a cupola MG, but I haven't unified this element yet. There are be 15 parts (actually its 14 unique parts, because two headlights are identical, so there should be be 14 parts on mold and 15 parts in a pack (I need to unify Machine Gun))

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Donations Appreciated!

If you like this blog and you want to help its metal and plastic inhabitants to get new brothers and sisters, please click on my Adsense banners from time to time :)

Alive and kicking!

I am back from my illness, so I can continue all my projects :) I painted lots of miniatures and want to share them. Today's miniatures are two Hotchkiss H39 tanks from QRF.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

15mm T1 Cunningham available for sale from QRF

Four variants of 15mm T1 Cunningham are available for sale from Quick Reaction Force store.

Here are 3D renders of all 4 variants. From above to bottom:

T1 (1926) Cunningham (sloped turret, short gun, early hull)

T1E1 (1927) Cunningham (sloped turret, short gun, late hull with catwalks)

T1E2 (1929) Cunningham (cylindrical turret, short gun, late hull with catwalks)

T1E3 (1930) Cunningham (cylindrical turret, long gun, late hull with catwalks) – up gunned T1E2 modification

Please note, that T1 from first picture is a hybrid with the early war hull but late turret with long gun