Saturday, 15 December 2012

Asgard from Stargate universe.

Asgard from Stargate universe. Actually its "Rebel Minis" Grey Alien figure.

Color Code:
Base color: Tallarn Flesh
Wash: Seraphim Sepia for light washing of some areas (like back of the head or skin around the eyes)
            Agrax Earthshade for washing most of the skin areas, like spine and space between fingers.
Highlight 1: Tallarn Flesh over some washed areas like and chest and biseps.
Highlight 2: Karak Stone
Eyes base color: Abaddon Black
Eyes highlight: Stormvermin Fur

Capture this alien!!!


  1. Another classic mini done well, looks a lot nicer than a grey version.

  2. Hey...I know this guy! Nice job, Fjodin!!

  3. Very very nice find and execution. I've used the greyliens from myself. Not nearly as convincing as Asgaard as yours.

    I might just repaint mine use these instead!

    1. As for me I like both Rebel Minis and Greys. Rebels are more realistical and are more Pulp genre. Tottaly different and all are awesome. At least 15mm is cheap scale so we can collect them all.