Thursday, 17 May 2012

Matchbox MRAP part 3

At last I finished repainting "Matchbox" MRAP! In this and this topics you can see how this 2$ model loked before I repainted it. My first though was to paint it in desert camouflage like Turkish Kirpi BMC, but then I decidet to paint it in green camo.

I have no idea what type of camouflage I painted, because its not real camouflage, but upgraded old soviet Berezka Camouflage.

Here are some shots of front and rear of the vehicle. I placed some minis for size comparison.

Rear of the vehicle. 

I sculpted roll of camouflaged fabric from greenstuff. I also have plan to place HMG on roof.


  1. I like the cammo job, kind of reminds me of a Japanese anime! Definitely cool for a science fiction setting, good job!

  2. BTW you and I can exchange cold war stories, I served in the US Army from 1978 to 98, I got allot of them from my side of the fence lol. A few years back I was working in Austin Texas and befriended a young man from Russia, and he was surprised by the Russian terms I knew like "open fire, get him, shoot" etc he asked why I learned those terms. I told him they all translated into English as "duck!".

  3. Nice work! And, I love your roads!

    1. Thax! Its sand with small grains paited in grey and drybrushed in Fortress Grey (dont know new Citadel name). Then you need a ruller and white paint for road marking. After that you need to take grey paint again and make sure the lines are straight... hellish job.

  4. Super stuff as usual mate. Love what you do with Matchbox cars...