Tuesday, 8 May 2012

15mm Bunker from Brigade Models

click to enlarge

Just finished painting and weathering 15mm Bunker from Brigade Model, which I bought year ago. I painted it in sand colour, because I don't want to see it in grey concrete colour and I want to use in in desert and woodland areas. Very good model.

Bunker on 1 feet tile. Click to enlarge.

Hello there :) Click to enlarge.

The roof is removable. Click to enlarge.

You can put the whole squad in there. Click to enlarge.


  1. Great looking bunker! Your squad looks right at home in their shelter.

  2. This looks like a neat bit of scenery, and you've made a great job of it! Might have to find some pocket money for this beauty!

    1. Thanx. Its not that expensive. Its £7.50 ($12.11 USD, $11.88 AUD)