Friday, 28 October 2011

Cowboys and Indians

I'd like to show you some of my painted examples of15mm Pony Wars Range from ( and Battleline Miniatures ( both ranges are same. I don't know why. Maybe bouth companies bought this range from extincted manufacturer :)
These are a bit old but still nice looking figures.

Gunslighters gang. Left guy is repainted Confederate solder from Freikorps 15 (QRF)

PW14 Gunfighter in duster with Shotgun, PW16 Townsman firing Shotgun, PW13 US Cavalry Trooper with Rifle

PW10 Miner with Rifle (Actually it look more like shotgun), PW11 White Woman in Bonnet

PW04 Indian with Bow, PW05 Indian with Tomahawk, RiflePW06 Indian with Rifle, PW06a Indian with Lance

PW03 Indian with Lance on Horse

Old photo of same figure before rebasing on 1 inch washer.

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