Wednesday, 31 July 2013

North Korean vehicles!

Sharing photos of of North Korean tank and APC. I painted these vehicles a mouth ago, and only now I decided to share some photos. Judging from photos and youtube clips of military parades, North Korean vehicle and uniform colour is brownish, so I decided to paint them in Vallejo Brown Violet. 

 From 2002 North Korea use Pokpung-ho as its Main Battle Tank, but it still have huge fleet of older Chonma-ho MBT - a modified version of Soviet T-62. Unfortunately, no one make Pokpung-ho in 15mm. So I decide to stick with Chonma-ho in 15mm. I bought 15mm T-62 from QRF and painted it as early version of Chonma-ho. Korean APC in 15mm was also a bit tricky. As its APC, North Korea use VTT-323 and M-2010 (modified VTT-323 with longer chassis and improved optic). But again, no one makes these vehicles in 15mm. The only solution is to buy Chinese Type 62 APC from QRF and use it as very early version of VTT-323, before Koreans added turret and ATGM on it. 

To make my North Korean Vehicles more interesting I decided to sculpt some stowage from green-stuff. But in case with VTT-323 I think I sculpted to much stowage :) I also added one wooden ammo box from Plastic Soldier Company 25mm gun battery.


  1. You certainly don't see many North Korean Moderns...Excellent work.

    1. Thanx! For infantry I am still waiting for Khurasan to finish these guys