Thursday, 1 August 2013

New SHM Range alien creatures from

Four new alien creatures are available from! They are part of famous SHM Range for aspiring sculptors who do not afraid to experiment. SHM Range its a place a where you can find very weird and unique miniatures. :)

Three of these little creatures are inhabitants of swamps or or prehistoric worlds and the fourth creature came from horror realm :)

SHM58 Mollusca – A small primitive creature with lots of skin folds. 10mm long.  This small beast can be used as mollusca, larvae or creature from aqua world or can even be a sand-fish. It may inhabit seabed, sea shores or can live in caves. It may be a herbivore or eat small crabs and shells.  Or it attacks the legs of colonists!

SHM59 Swamper - This is creature is from a swamp planet. Its body has a length of 12mm. Swampers have very tasty meat and can be raised as livestock by farmers but they can escape and cause havoc.

SHM60 Armoured Swamper - This is a Swamper subspecies, covered in light scale armour. Body length 10mm. For moving this creature uses its tentacles and muscles on its belly. This is slow creature who eats plants and some small shelled creatures. This creature lives in swamps, and uses its scales for protection from surface creatures. If it is under attack it can dig itself in mud leaving only armoured back above mud level. A Potential foe for colonists.

Here are two Swamper species side by side.

Typical Swamper farm look very close to these rice fields, but with fences, to prevent Swampers from escape.

SHM61 Collective Mind Monster - This is a creature of nightmares lurking in the shadows. Psychic powers and multiple minds sharing one over aweing brain. Controlling a host of drones or the result of radiation and gene wars a real horror! Approx 12mm wide without tentacles.

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  1. I have said this elsewhere to three thousand people but I will say it again...excellent work!