Monday, 22 July 2013

15mm M60A1 from QRF Part 2

Just finished painting 15mm M60A1 Patton tank from QRF. Because M60 was in US Army service from 60's to 90's and still serve of some countries even now, it was tough decision to choose color scheme for it. M60 could be painted in Brown Violet for 60's, MERSC camo for 70's-80's and NATO camo for 80's, 90's and 00's. I wanted to use this model for various periods, so I decided to paint it in MERDC camo, so it can be used for 70's-00s and even for 60's if you dont mind wrong camo pattern :)

Searchlight was also included to this models pack, but I haven't mounted it. I plan to buy one more M60A1 and 2 M60A3 to make a platoon of 4 tanks: M60A1, M60A1 with searchlight, M60A3, M60 A3 with commander.

One last thing. Years ago QRF have M60 with tracks like these:

But after M60 was remodeled rigs was added to tracks. Perhaps to make M60 more taller and close to Battlefront M48 Patton:
So I decide to remove the rigs (very simple operation), and make my M60 closer to original version, because its more historically correct :) 

Tomorrow I plan to post more photos of M60A1 in different angles withs Peter Pig 15mm US Marines to show you its size.

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