Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Started painting A7V

I started painting one of my all time favorites tanks - A7V tank in 15mm scale. I got the model from QRF and its really nice huge model with sharp details.I already primed the model and will share photos of finished model really soon. Now I need some Late WW1 Germans :)


  1. The A7V really has a look of something that belongs in a scifi movie somehow. For all that, I love the look of the vehicle. Can't wait to see what you do with it. How is the QRF casting of it?

    1. Casting was good. The hull was cased in single piece of resin (standard one) and other parts was casted in metal (top tower, 6 MGs, 2 Exhaust pipes, 2 tracks, 1 gun, and 2 things at bottom-front of the hull between tracks. Dont know how to name them). I found the only hi rez photo of AQF A7v in the internet http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/album.php?s=becfe989b476803e11bc21185893d1a1&albumid=205&attachmentid=5089 http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/album.php?albumid=205&attachmentid=5090

      In my model all metal parts was very clean, but the owner of photos have some minor depression on the top tower side (can be fixed with green stuff). I suppose if you order A7V your top tower will be good (because I think mine was casted in new mould). All other metal elements was clean.

      Now the hull. It was made from same resin piece as Irishserb and Brigade models vehicles. The details was clean and amount of air bubbles was almost none (there was 2 of them, less than .3 mm in size, on hatches. Can be easily filled with micro piece of green stuff). Now the bottom of the hull. As you can see the owner of photo had some minor excess of resin on the bottom of hull, that can be removed in a minute by sandpaper without any problem. This minor excess is not fault of QRF A7V model, I had same issues with Brigade Models resin grav tanks tanks bottoms. In short the amount of work on preparation of resin hull is the same as with Brigade Models vehicles.

      One critical thing is I had resin blobs in some holes where you need to place metal elements (2 exhaust pipes holes on sides). Because resin is softer than material, these blobs can be removed by sharp instruments, and then I used superglue to glue the pipes. But I thing it was only my castings fault (sometimes you may encounter this with resin models from other manufacturers who use classical resin) I spended only 5 minutes to remove these 2 blobs, and now I have good model.

      In the end - QRF A7V is a hood huge model :)