Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Anvil of Dawn gameplay

Here are some videos showing Anvil of Dawn gameplay. As you can see its "Eye of Beholder" style game with handrawed characters and pseudo-3d backgrounds.

Intro movie. First halh is old school 3d.

This vid shows you begining of game. After choosing your character you woke up in Miledy cactle. Have a look at 06:45 for rune based magic system.

Here our hero teleports into another castle, and realises that in conquered by enemy

You may think that all game is entirely dungeon game with no outdoors landscapes. But its wrong. Have a look at 04:22 to see the travelling between locations on world map. Its Myst style. You click on road and see the CGI video of travel. A bit dated CGI for our times, but quite good for 90th games. Remember CGI in Lost Eden, Warcraft2 and Imperium Galactica 1!

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