Monday, 21 November 2011

I am the LAW!

15mm Judge Dredd. Minis from Laserburn range named Adventures and Star Soldiers
Their urban bases are just sand painted dark grey, heavy brybrushed with light grey, light drybrush with white and draw road markings. The secret here is to make really flat road surface. For this you need to cut miniature base to minimum, and then place miniature into hole of 20mm washer. Cover holdes with greenstuff and apply PVA glue to base. Then use sand with VERY TINY grains. If you want I can make a tutorial.
Repainted Mechwarrior Dark Age robot. His right arm can be used as water cannon or as a flamethrower.


More Judges

Judges with riot shields


  1. Great job! You've got making good looking roads down to a fine art. The figures are nicely done.