Tuesday, 27 March 2012

15mm Sepoy and updated painting technique!

I've just updated my painting technique and tested it on Irregular Miniatures 15mm figure from their Colonial range - FZ96 Sepoy Infantry marching ( http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/15mmRanges/15mmColonials.htm )

I used Citadel paint called Desert Yellow (Tallarn Sand in new Citadel paints range) for his base uniform color, then washed him using Gryphonne Sepia (Seraphim Sepia), then highlighted with Kommando Khaki (Karak Stone) and then small highlight with Bleached Bone (Ushabti Bone) :)

P.S Here is new Citadel Paint conversion chart


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    1. Glad to help!
      For skin tone I used Snakebite Leather paint from Citadel (Balor Brown in new range). I found it to be very good for indian skin. I washed his eyes with Badab Black and then made small highlight of his nose and eybrows with mix of Snakebite Leather and a only a little bit of Tausept Ochre.
      I used badeb Black for all its darker parts, like sections between his arms and body or equipment.
      Ask any questions on any topic you like!