Thursday, 8 March 2012

Earth Force Marines

Just pained 1 squad of Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines for Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi with 1 commander and 1 specialist.

All four poses of Earth Force Marines.

Army commander and squad leader.

Army commander with 2 squad attachments. One soldier armed with Light Machine Gun and 1 with Missile Launcher.

Sniper Team.


  1. Sweet! The colors on your troops really work well to push the detail of the figure out for all to see and enjoy. Very nice.

  2. I like the bold colour scheme-just a little bit different! Nice work!

  3. What kind of sand you use? And those rocks are just plain real rocks without paint? And lovely work as always. You are a busy productive bee :)

    1. This is just a regular sand and rocks were found in it. I paint my washers with Kommando Khaki, so after drying the sand and base sizes have very similar colou (I tried Desert Yellow before but Kommando Khaki works better)

  4. These look fantastic! Do you mind telling us what colours/paints were used? Thanks!

  5. SURE! But bear in mind that I repainted them a little bit week ago, to make them look nicer. The colours are from Citadel Paint range.

    Base colour: Knarloc Green
    Detail Layer: Camo Green
    Highlights: Burbonic Brown

    Base Colour: Khemri Brown
    Highlights: Commando Khaki

    Blue armor pieces
    Base Colour: Enchanted Blue
    Highlight thick layer: 50/50 mix of Enchanted Blue/Ice Blue
    Final thin highliht: Ice Blue

    Red armor pieces:
    Base Colour: Red Gore
    Highlight thick layer: Blood Red
    Final thin highliht: Macharius Solar Orange