Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bornu and Arab horseman

Just painted another Bornu Musketman and repainted Arab horseman (I painted him 2 years ago and after my painting style have improved, I decided to repaint him). Bornu figure is from Irregular Miniatures and Arab from QRF "Franco-Prussian War" range link . Actually its not an Arab but repainted French Spahi horseman.


  1. Great work. I like your style and the fruits there-of. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thanx a lot! I've been practicing painting 15mm mini for 4 or 3 years. I was searching for all tutorials I can find but only this year, I found painting style I want to see on my minis.

      But to achieve that I bought dozens of Citadel paints and washers, so I have huge variety of colours (and I mix these colours too).

      First minis painted in this style were Peter Pig Egyptians

      After painting Peter Pig Brits my style was changed a bit (I found ho to improve shadows and highlights on models), so now I want to repaint my old models to make them look same as my current minis (not complete repaint but upgrade of their shadows and highlights). I am gonna to "update" painting on my Egyptians soon.

    2. A daunting task, Sir, but one which I will follow and cheer you on.