Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ottoman Commander or first head-swap experience! - part1

I was very pleased with "Peter Pig" Ottomans/Egyptians. I love their sculpts and variety of poses, but lack of regular cavalry and mounted commanders upsets me. So I decided to make my first head-swap ever! I was worried a bit, but procedure appears to be quite easy, so I made step-by step guide. In this guide I show you all steps of creating a mounted Ottoman army commander.

Firstly you need to buy a pack called "67. Mounted Brit cavalry  sergeants" and take the guy on the left of the photo. Horses are provided separately in four poses, so you can choose the horse for your future army commander.

Then you need to use very sharp modeling knife to cut his head off. Its not very difficult procedure and metal is very soft and easy to cut.

Then you need Ottoman head from pack called "24. Fez Egyptians" of this range 

Then just use superglue to glue the head to the body of rider. You can use greenstuff to fill some gaps.


  1. Great imagination and conversion!

    1. I am going to use head-swap to create Sepoys from British infantry, Ottoman cavalry from British dragoons and lancers.

      I also will change heads of Peter Pig WW1 Russians, French and Germans. They are great models, but but as all PP models their heads are smaller than heads of more recent Peter Pig figures, like British, Dervishes, Modern US, WW1 Austrians
      Its not a problem if using these WW1 figs with other WW1 figs, but if you want to mix armies from different PP ranges this could be a problem.

      Tearfully, PP realize that and in "Heads and Odds" section you can find re-sculpted heads in same style as their Brits. There are new heads for Belgians, Russians (lots of them), French, Germans :) Hope PP will release new models with new, heads, but now I am gonna to make head-swap to all of these WW1 figures. Yes it'll take time, but its easy and worth doing if you want your PP armies to be in same style.

  2. Just how durable is superglue. Wouldn't pinning be necessary?