Saturday, 2 June 2012

15mm woodland MARPAT tutorial

Due to a demand on TMP forum, I decided to show you how do I paint 15mm woodland MARPAT step-by-step. Final goal is to make 15mm Peter Pig soldier to look like marines from above photo.
Please bear in mind that this is my very first painting tutorial and also I am not professional macro photographer. So there could be some imperfections.

The main problem with 15mm camouflages is that if you paint authentic 1/100 camo, model will blend with wargame terrain. So I prefer to paint cartoony version of camouflages. 

STEP1: I paint uniform using Baneblade Brown (Khemri Brown), for skin I use Kislev Flesh (Elf Flesh), for boots and equipment I use Balor Brown (Snakebite Leather), Abaddon Black (Chaos Black) for M16 and Mechanicus Standard Grey(Adeptus Battlegrey) for goggles.

Wash model with Agrax Earthshade (Devlan Mud). For skin I use Seraphim Sepia (Gryphonne Sepia). For goggles I use Nuln Oil (Badab Black).

Now we have bigger photos :) Highlight clothing with  Baneblade Brown (Khemri Brown), highlight skin with Kislev Flesh (Elf Flesh), for boots and equipment use Balor Brown (Snakebite Leather)

Now we need to add one more layer of highlights. Highlight equipment with Tallarn Sand (Desert Yellow). Use 60/40 mix of  Balor Brown (Snakebite Leather) and Tallarn Sand (Desert Yellow) to highlight soldiers back. To highlight his uniform use 70/30 mix of Karak Stone (Kommando Khaki) and Baneblade Brown (Khemri Brown). Highlight skin with 50/50 mix of Kislev Flesh (Elf Flesh) and White Scar (Skull White). Highlight M16 with Mechanicus Standard Grey (Adeptus Battlegrey). 

Final touches! Highlight his M16 and goggles with Dawnstone (Codex Grey). Paint green stripes with 50/50 mix of Warboss Green (Goblin Green) and (Knarloc Green), but remember there are always options what green paint to use for these stripes. Last thing you need to do is to paint black dots :)