Monday, 16 July 2012

15mm US Marine unit

Just finished painting a 8-man unit of US Marines. There are 6 rifles and 2 squad attachments. Two riflemans have m230 grenade launchers. Figures are from Peter Pig range AK-47 Republic and each figure have unique pose. This soldiers wearing Woodland Marpat camouflage adapted for 15mm.


  1. Those are so awesome! Great work on the marpat! The natural contrast between the brown vests and camo suits 15mm very well.

  2. Hi, Fjodin: nice job! You have the cammo painting procedure "dialed-in."

  3. Well done Fjodin- excellent job on these marines! The PP figures are great, aren't they? Good sculpts and casts-I love 'em! You've really made the best of a good product.

    1. Thanx :) I love this Peter Pig US troops. Not only because of their quality, but also because of number of poses. I have 3 more squads like this in my painting queue, but gonna paint them as army guys in grey ACU. I am using 6 packs for them (3 poses of firing soldiers, 3 advancing poses, 3squad leaders poses, 3 soldier poses with m230 grenade launchers, 3 poses with SAW and 3 poses with AT4), so I will have 4 squads of 32 models total and there will be 18 poses. So each squad will have 8 different models :)