Thursday, 2 August 2012

Abstract SG Team

Just finished an abstract SG Team from tv-show Stargate SG-1. Miniatures are US soldiers fom Peter Pig "AK-47 Republic" range. I decided to have several SG Teams. First one have green uniform with dark grey ammunition and bullet proof vest and green helmet. Second team will have same colours but wear dark grey helmet (like in the series) and third team will be painted in desert khaki. Sadly Peter Pig dont make these figures with MP5 or P90.


  1. Nice work. I have some of the gzg stuff somewhere. I wouldn't worry about what they are carrying too much.

    1. Thanx for reply. Unfortunately with my current gaming budget I can afford GZG international postege price of 10 ponds (), comparing to 3 ponds postage of other 15mm manufacturers... But I will order 15mm GZG SG-1 Team someday.

  2. Great troops, again, Fjodin. For budget considerations, I use small markers with the weapon type available for my individual trooper...but then again, I don't mind chits following my soldiers around the battlefield.

  3. Once again you have turned out some wonderful figures- well done Fjodin!