Thursday, 9 August 2012

Altuos range 15mm Harquebusiers

Just painted two figures from "Altuos" range. These are early 16 century Landsknecht and English harquebusiers. I really like these figures! They have very crisp details and really joy to paint. They are a little bit taller than true 15mm, but only a little bit. Their height is 16mm to the level of their eyes, so prefer coins to base your miniatures, you can use sandpaper or broach file to thin miniature bases a little bit, so they will look good near rest of your 15mm figs. Or if you use washers, you can cut some parts from miniature bases and dip the minis in the washer hole.


  1. Boy...there's a lot of detail packed into these painted troops!

    1. Thanx! You know how to paint these buffed sleeves of Landsknecht? You need to paint the sleeve in grey, then you need white paint and very thin brush... Then you need to paint each stripe (better to use magnifying glass). Its difficult to paint Renaissance.