Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life of Austrian fifer in M&B: Napoleonic Wars

HI! I want to share a small report of my first online match in Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars! This match was a battle between Austria and France for a small town. French forces are holding the town and Austria wants to capture it. For my first game I decided to play not as a musketeer, but as a fifer armed only with a sword! 

Our men are advancing towards the small town. You can see musketeers, some jagers, officer and a standard bearer. My fifer is marching behind the charging Austrians while playing a tune.

More men are charging towards the town. Both armies are nearly 50 men strong. Unfortunately my fifer can't play a tune and run at the same time, so he is walking behind the running Austrians. 

Two guys are marching near my fifer. 

One of our officers was killed. I stopped and played a tune for him.

Cannon was deployed near the town, so I decided to inspire the gun crew.

Make ready! Aim!


Then I moved towards the town and found a dead soldier. I took his musket and cartridges.

Now I am armed!

There is serious fighing near the towns gate.

Frenches are firing through the windows! I found an enemy musketeer near the gate, so I aimed my musket...

...and fired! Then I saw that Austrians are using trees near the sides of the road for cover.

Ouch! French bullet took almost 90% of my health points! I need to find a cover.

Frenches are holding the gates. You can see lots of dead Austrians at the road.

I reloaded my musket.

And fired. There are too much smoke, so I don't know the result of my shot. 

I inspired a jager...

... and moved towards a group of Austrians near the gate. Frenches are firing through the windows.

And I was killed. The end :)

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  1. great review. Looks like an awesome game, Think I might get it! Thanks! :)