Sunday, 25 November 2012

Peter Pig insurgents!

Peter pig insurgents! And one Laserburn range figure in boonie hat.


  1. These look great... really cool sculpts as well.

  2. Very nice painting and basing!

  3. Looks great! Are those their PLO minis?

  4. Well done Fjodin- top job as always!

  5. Great paintjob as always!

    Quick question (well two actually)
    Where do you source your sand from? I trekked down to Brighton beach and the cleanest sand I could find was a dark brown/greyish mix. Didn't have the yellow hue that yours have. Other question was do you buy your minis from Peter Pig direct or its Aussie distributor, Mick's Metal Minis?


    1. Glad to help as always! I used 2 types of sand here. First sand (yellow) looks like this and second type of sand have more white colour and very tiny grains. I use it for roads.

      I am not sure the best source for this sand because I took it from 2 big piles on construction site, but recently I found that in Flower Power shops they sell these types of sand. They have different piles of sand and tree pulp. I am not sure if you have local Flower Power, but maybe you should check big gardening shops who sell flowers, big pots, pulp, sand, tiny rocks and other materials?

      I tried sand from different beaches, but I dont liked the result.

      Now about minis. I bought them from UK Peter Pig store :)