Sunday, 7 April 2013

Inspiration for painting 15mm North Koreans

I am almost finished painting my small North Korean force of one Ch'onma-ho tank and one VTT-323 APC (early version) with 12 man infantry squad in it (Only 11 soldiers will dismount, because one rifleman operates APC machine gun). I will share photos as soon as I finish painting them, but you already saw my infantry in "USE ME Modern Warfare Advanced" AAR.

Here are some inspirational videos of North Korean Military Parade 2012. You can see Vehicles from 6:00 starting from staff cars and Ural Trucks. Note that they have missiles at these Urals.
9:41 some interesting tracked vehicles with rockets. Does anyone know their name? Is it SA-13 Gopher?
9:44 different rocket artillery types.
12:30 different types of M-2010 and not VTT-323 because of longer chassis.

0:35 another rocket artillery with heavier rockets.
1:21 cool looking tracked artillery with different gun types. I want these in 15mm!
6:12 trucks with field artillery
9:51 I suppose its ZSU, but not sure what type
10:48 some sort of light Shilka
11:12 open top APC?
12:45 BTR40?

0:05 six wheeled BTR. I want them in 15mm!
0:27 BTR
2:36 tracked APC
3:14 old Ch'onma-ho tank (modified T-62)
5:03 modern North Korean made P'okpung-Ho MBT

If you interested in North Korean army organisation, here is great manual made by US Marines Intelligence: North Korea Country Handbook


  1. Where did you get the Ch'onma-ho and VTT-323?

    1. Ch'onma-ho is modernized T-62. I used QRF T-62A model. VTT-323 is a tricky vehicle. Its a copy of Chinese YW 531 (Type 63 APC). Modern VTT-323 is more like BMP (with turret and ATGM) and early VTT-323 is more like M113. No one makes modern VTT-323, so I ordered QRF Chinese Type 63 APC to be used as an early VTT-323. Saddly no one makes P'okpung-Ho in ANY scale, so my force will be a bit obsolete.

  2. With all the tensions in Korea these days, I hope that someone in the 15mm industry will decide to pick up the North Koreans as a project. Oh, and ultra-modern Iranians and Israelis would be great to have as well... (the only Israelis you can find in 15mm are 1960's-1980's ones with outdated tanks and gear).

    1. Peter Pig makes lovely IDF, but they are not Ultra Modern :( ... And QRF makes only Merkava 1 and no one makes Merkava 4 - the coolest looking modern tank ever. Sad :(
      I would LOVE to paint modern IDF force (I love olive green IDF infantry uniforms. And they will be in new World War Z movie!)

    2. You could probably make ultra-modern IDF troopers by taking 1980's IDF troopers with M16s and add some green stuff on their helmet for the modern helmet covers ("miznafot"); but that still won't cover the new TAR-21 assault rifles (which now replace the M16s in most combat units).