Monday, 19 August 2013

15mm Inuits - part 1

The fifth time for this month, the giant white bear have attacked the peaceful village, stealing the fish supplies, and no one could stop the beast. The villagers have asked Akikak the brave lone hunter to track and kill the Qupqugiaq, and save the village.   

The figure on the photo above is 15mm Inuit with bow from Mick Yarrow from "Inuit2 Bows" pack


  1. Replies
    1. Thanx! There are other archer variants to be painted and also 8 men Inuit war-band with shaman.

  2. Nice paint job on the Inuit. Also you have done a great job staging Akikak in the perilous icy cold winds and snow of a vast frozen landscape. Well, done, Fjodin!

    1. Thanx! I am learning from you. From now on I try to include a short story to my posts to make them more interesting.

  3. Very nice and unusual, I do like it!