Thursday, 15 August 2013

Giant Crab!

A group of fantasy warriors have encountered a giant crab in remote valley. Swords and spears vs giant claws and rock hard shell! Who shall win?

In this post I want to share a source of 15mm giant pre-painted crabs. Cheap, but great in quality and details. Suitable for gaming Mysterious Island (1961) style games.

 Just look at photo above - the detail level is amazing! I bet they used real crab for mold making :) Please bear in mind that I haven't painted the crab (it was pre-painted), but I washed crab a bit to highlight the details.

If you go to this Ebay shop you will find three types of crabs: Red crab, Crab with long claws and Orange crab. For the photo above I used not-washed and not repainted crabs. So this is what you'll get from parcel.


  1. Some beautiful pics, colors are amazing!!

  2. Nice action shot! The hackers-and-slashers will probably lose the battle. The crab is a hardshell! (:0)>