Thursday, 15 August 2013

SHM Range and Litko

I am at the middle of my rebasing progress, and I want to share some results with you :) On the photo above you can see three SHM Range alien creatures: Thing from Abyss, Tentacled Brain Monster and Avarep Cobra. All figures are based on 1.5mm thick Clear Acrylic bases from Litko.

Here you can see Tentacled Brain Monster and Merc with assault rifle from Laserburn range painted in Australian cmouflage. I glued each tentacle to the base using blob of superglue. While glue was wet, I added small amount of sand around tentacles. Merc was based on 15mm wide base and creature on 30mm base.

The same Merc with Avarep Cobra. Looking like a furry Terran snake the Avarep is a dangerous foe indeed. Capable of near flight by coiled jumping, its beak is as hard as iron. Found on many worlds. There are hundreds of Avarep Cobra species, each have its own fur and skin colour.

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