Saturday, 26 November 2011

Just bought this 1/87 scale Matchbox Motorhome.

Why do I think its 1/87? Well, here is photo of real (not Matchbox) 1/87 motorhome and car.

Now have a look at these photos

I wish Matcbox to make truck based on this Motorhome, so I can place car in there. This Motorhome have some furniture inside wich block my car from getting in. Of course I alway can make a conversion

I need to repaint right car…


  1. Nice find

    Why would you want to place the other car inside the motorhome??

  2. I dont want to place car in Motorhome, but I want truck with Motorhome proportions .

  3. I have a couple of old Corgi and Matchbox vehicles which I am keen to paint and sort out. I think they look perfect, especially since so many of the 15mm ranges are varied in size from nearly 10mm up to 20mm scale anyway.