Thursday, 1 December 2011



I want to share with you photos of my new 15mm/28mm alien creature - Octopod. I sculpted it from greenstuff and sended if to site. Now they made a metal version of this creature and selling it on their site.

Here are my photos of painted and assembled Octopod

Different angles

Comparison to 15mm Rebel Minis Earth Force Marine and 40k Ork

Here are photos of model from greenstuff

What do you think about it?

Nikita Kondratov


  1. Wow, octopod is a lot bigger than I thought. Good work!

  2. Ditto "Wow!" Great sculpted menace and color scheme.

  3. Hmm..

    some critic coming. Hope you don't mind.

    I don't like the mouth, since I really can't image how the creature would get it closed with teeth like those. Teeth are too big and blunt to belong to a predator. The idea and basic structure is good. Though I don't like the idea of brains with tenctacles :). Wouldn't it be too vulnerable if it doesn't have any protective layer on top of it's "brain". And how does it fight? The tentacles are short and useless against anything bigger than a rat. Unless it has psychic powers which the large brain indicates.

    Good work with sculpting though!

  4. This creature is inteligent and like martian from War of the Worlds. It uses mind control for fight. It can control dozen of small stupid predators.