Friday, 27 July 2012 releases Alien Flora!

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The galaxy is a dangerous place and sometimes not even the petals on alien flowers can be trusted. Watch out, you might get turned into fertilizer! 

This pack contains four white metal 15mm scale alien plants. A random selection of three poses with a minimum of one of each. Just 4.00GBP a pack.
From left to right the Chompa Death Sprout, Creegan Doom Spore Bloom (see pack HOF46 for Creegan Doom Spores), Valtusian Man Trapper.

Suitable for use in any science fiction campaign when you need dangerous wildlife to challenge your troops or for interesting and active terrain features that bite back!
These miniatures can be purchased as single figure castings search under codes HOF79A,HOF79B,HOF79C.  At 1.00GBP to 1.25GBP each.



  1. These are really cool and very usable. For sure I'll be making another order to!

    1. Thay are great for sci-fi, fantasy and Pulp. Also they may be great for original Star Trek, because they have very TOS look.

  2. When I order some more bases from I'll have to grab some of these for use with my Vornids.