Friday, 27 July 2012

New 15mm washer!!!!!!

I've been basing my models on 18mm in diameter and 1,2mm height washers from Bunnings Warehouse. But I found that for some models  want to use smaller washers. I found 15mm washers and based some of my animals on them, but I wasn't satisfied with final result, because these 15mm washers are very thin, about 0.3mm in height.

But recently I found some new washers Bunnings Warehouse. These washers were sold not in packs but individually and have diameter of 15mm  and height of 1mm. So I rebased my Eytaran on new washer.

Now have a look at infantry and cavalry model based on 18mm washer with Eytaran on new 15mm washer! At last they all have same style. If you interested why Rebel Minis marine and Ottoman general have bronze base sides and Eytaran base side painted with Kommando Khaki, here is the answer: I paint  base sides of ordinary models with same colour as their bases sand, Unit leaders have blue base sides, squad attachments have red coloured base sides and army commanders have bronze base sides.

For big models I use 31mm washers.

P.S. Yes, I changed flock on Rebel Minis commander, so dont be confused why this model have different base on first and second photo.


  1. Hi Fjodin,

    I recently also got 15mm washers from bunnings (I think it was the galvanised ones with 5-6mm inner diameter?) however there's usually a gap between the hole and the base of the mini.

    Do you have that issue? I'm considering maybe using spakfilla to fix it up.


    1. I usually stick a ducktape before gluing the mini. Sometimes I use some greenstuff for it if gap is small.