Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Whats on the Workbench?

Mount ago Mike Edwards from "Stopping the Red Tide" blog have gifted me four QRF M113 (read posts here and here). And now these M113 want to say "Thnak You" to Mike for their new home :)

I painted this APC in same way as Irishserb Humvee that I already own and headswaped the gunners head with Peter Pig marine head and also added some bullet holes of right side of the vehicle. I plan to paint 2 M113 as modern vehicles and other 2 as Vietnam ones. In that case I wont be headswapping gunners heads for vietnam era, because they have similar size to Peter Pig Vietnam era Americans (older Peter Pig sculpts with smaller heads.)

I also received lots of 15mm and 20mm clear acrylic bases from Litko, that I am gonna use to rebase my models.


  1. Do the QRF models match well with Peter Pig M113s?

    1. If you want to match QRF vehicles with Peter Pig M113, they match well. But If you want to match QRF and Peter Pig M113, the QRF one is a bit smaller.


  2. They look fantastic, what colours did you use ?

    1. I used Citadel paints.

      Camouflage colours:
      Knarloc Green
      Adeptus Battlegrey
      Bestial Brown

      Highlights of edges:
      Straken Green for Knarloc Green
      Some green egdes was highlighted by Nurgling Green
      Codex Grey for Adeptus Battlegrey
      50/50 mix of Bestial Brown/Kommando khaki for Bestial Brown

      Main colour: Mordian Blue
      Highlights: Hoeth Blue and Fenrisian Grey

      For my new bases I painted 15mm figures then used a bit of greenstuff to make their bases same size and style. Not to small (or figure will blend with terrain) and not to big. I decided to use sand for bases with tiny fractions of green. In this case figure will pop up from terrain.

  3. Thanks for that! Again fantastic work.

  4. Very nicely modeled, Fjodin.

  5. Very nicely done Fjodin! Excellent painting both of vehicles and minis. I am also impressed with the camo on the figures- so difficult to achieve well at this scale. Congratulations!

  6. WELL DONE MATE!!!!! Challenge well and truly smashed... You can now have a MWNCIBOO MEDAL + DFC & BAR.

    Nice to see the model turned out well and all 4 of them went to a good home.