Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Working on 3D models of 1:100 vehicles

I am working on several 15mm weird tanks from Early XX century such as Mendeleev Tank, K-Wagen, Fiat 2000. I also have plans for Interwar vehicles such as M2, Leichttraktor, Vickers Medium MK III. I really want these models to be produced, so I am making them suitable for 3D printing.

Here are early drafts of Little Willie Tank with and without outlines.

And Top and Left view from 3DsMax:


  1. Ambitious, you are, Fjodin! Nice work!

    1. Thanx! I was tired to wait until someone will produce these tanks in 15mm, so I decide to make them myself and hope that I can find the way to put them in production.

  2. You got access to a 3d Prototyping Printer? Hmmm Nick we need to chat off-line on e-mail ;)