Monday, 2 September 2013

More 15mm Prehistorics from Mick Yarrow!

I just received a parcel with lots of 15mm Prehistoric figures from Mick Yarrow's "Ice Age" range! I am gonna paint them and use for ULU stories :)
PS: Figures on the bottom of a lamp are Peter Pig WW1 Brits and tank near the envelop is A7V from QRF. Inuit archer and dog sledge are from my previous M.Y. order.

Close up of husky dog sledge and Inuit archer. I only included painted miniatures in this photo, and I need to paint the kneeling passenger archer and two dogs (there should be three dogs in two poses). And YES, its a human head attached to the sledge :)

Some (but not all) of Mick Yarrow animals just from the envelope. Four Bullockornis, two Megalania lizards and polar bears. I asked Mick Yarrow whats the difference between these two codes: Inuit8 2 x Polar Bears £1.75p (redesigned!) and Inuit8a 3 x Polar bears (old design) and Mick was so kind, so he included a sample of each Polar Bear code (old and new). 

Close up of four Bullockornis (nicknamed the Demon-Duck of Doom) - the extinct flightless bird that lived in Australia 15 million years ago. I REALLY like these miniatures. I will prime them and start painting just after finishing this blog post.

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