Friday, 30 August 2013

ULU - Developing the Metaverse

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In another "Behind the Scenes" post about ULU, I want to tell you more about its Universes. Please note that I will be posing all "work in progress" posts in this blog and only stories, finished maps and information about characters, vehicles and places will go to "ULU the 15mm Metaverse" blog. 

For now I will be telling stories about three different places in three Universes. The first place have code name Earth80. Its an alternative near future Earth setting in style of 80's movies like Robocop and Escape from New York. In this Universe humans do not have interstellar drives and can only travel within a Solar System. Here my own imaginative characters may encounter Robocop, Snake Plissken or other famous characters from 80's sci-fi movies. So its not very original, but very interesting setting. 

The second place is a generic sci-fi Universe. Its inhabitants are 15mm figures from different manufacturers like Khurasan Miniatures, Rebel Minis, and many more. Here Earth Force Marines from Rebel Minis can fight Khurasan Space Demons or Retained Knight from This Universe is my attempt of creating another unified 15mm sci-fi background. Again not original but fun setting.

The third Universe, the Great Cold is a completely new and original setting. Here I WONT BE USING any names, characters or places from any book, movie or a game!. Lots of things will will be original in Great Cold and I may only borrow some things from our Earth, like names of some tribes or ethnic groups (Inuits, Masai, Neandertals), some animals from different eras (wolfs, raptors, mammoths), but all planets will be my own creations. Also ALL MAPS of this Universe (and any other ULU settings) will be made by me, and not taken from any artists galleries.On the picture above you can see the map I just started making for The Great Cold.

I will be using 15mm miniatures from different manufacturers but paint them in imaginative colours or give them imaginative names. For example I may use Zulu War British as soldiers of Inara Empire but they may wear green and not red uniforms. 

This is very weird setting. Firstly each star may have maximum of one planet that is not bigger than our Moon, but have same gravity as Earth. Secondly all planets and stars are separated not by light years, but millions of miles, so even with standard rocketship it is possible to reach another star. Thirdly there is no vacuum in space and the whole Universe is filled with strange gas, and astronauts can leave spaceships in scuba dive suit. And fourthly this Universe is VERY old and survived several cosmic cataclysms. There is a mix of different technological levels in a Universe. So it is possible to tell a story where Masai tribe from planet Savanna have found an old abandoned outpost filled with evil Mechanouds. Or about Cro-Magnons that made a great campfire to attract Space Dolphins. They want to tame the Doplhins and use them for space travel. Cro-Magnons will cover their bodies with fat of Four-Tusked Walruses to protect their bodies from space cold and use Na'Lar Jellyfishes as oxygen tanks.     

I also decided to place planet of Sayal from this post in "The Great Cold" Universe and use Niana System map (with renamed Sayal) for 15mm sci-fi Universe. 


  1. ...and the great adventure begins!!

    Go Fjodin, go!

    1. Thanx a lot! I will start first stories next week. For the begining, I plan to start with some primitive worlds.

  2. Well I for one am looking forward to this new adventure! If it is as entertaining as Jay's, then you won't lack for followers. Good luck Fjodin!

    1. Thanx! I really like Jay's blog. I almost finished painting minis for first story.