Thursday, 29 August 2013

ULU - Earth80 - Developing the Future part1

This is the first Behind the Scenes post for Earth80, the part of ULU 15mm Metaverse. Here I will try to show the aesthetics of this imaginative world. Earth80 is near future alternative Earth in style of 80's sci-fi movies like Robocop and Escape from New York. To keep 80's feel, I decide to take clothing, weapon, vehicle and building style from these films. Thankfully and Khurasan miniatures have plenty of figures suitable for conversion. 

Also because of my Soviet Union childhood, I missed lots of these 80's films, where I was a kid, so if you know some good and bad movies, that can inspire this project, please let me know :)

The first inspirational movie I am gonna to introduce is Trancers (1985). The film is about Jack Deth a police trooper from 2247 who has been hunting down Martin Whistler, a criminal mastermind who uses strange psychic powers to make people into zombies that carry out his every desire. This film portrays a method of time travel: People can travel back in time by injecting themselves with a drug which allows them to take over the body of an ancestor. Whistler escapes back in time to kill ancestors of High Council members and Jack have been sent to capture him.

Although there are only 20 minutes of future in Trancers, this film still can give you an inspiration and it have an amazing 80's style soundtrack. I REALLY LOVE 80's music but this synthesizer music is my all time favorite style. If you know more music in this style, PLEASE let me know.

Cafe in 2247, typical example of "used future" style. 

The earthquake have destroyed Los Angeles and now its called Lost Angeles. There is a beautiful LA theme in Trancers soundtrack

Guardsmen and their weapons. I really like their uniforms.

Police Trooper in grey uniform and Scuba suit.

Amazing retro future car (I will convert it into 15mm 3D printable model) and High Council of Western Territories. Why there is wet floor in Council Chambers?

Hologram and time travel room.


  1. I remember that film, can't remember if the film was good ;) Great article, looking forward to following your metaverse! I can't think of any films that you might find helpful at the moment, the only ones I remember are the likes of Outland, They Live, Enemy Mine, Brazil (this might interest you) and Cherry 2000. That's all I can think of now.


    1. This was typical 80's action film, but with great soundtrack, about good guy from future, hunting bad guy in our time. Thank you for your film list, I will add them in my watch list for this week. Strangely the only film I saw from your list was Enemy Mine - an amazing film :)

      I am currently re-watching and making screenshots from Robocop, so prepare for more posts. I am also painting some miniatures for Earth80 right now.

      With Metaverse I used same idea as Michael Moorcock did with his The Eternal Champion. Lots of settings but they all located in one multiverse.