Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ULU - Earth80 - Developing the Future part2

This is the second Behind the Scenes post about Earth80, the part of ULU 15mm Metaverse. Earth80 is near future alternative Earth in style of 80's sci-fi movies. In this post I am going to continue to choose 80's sci-fi movies with near future settings and share inspirational screenshots. Then I am gonna make terrain and convert 15mm miniatures for Earth80. 

The second inspirational movie I am gonna to introduce is Running Man 1987 and you can find my previous post about Trancers (1985) here. Like in many 80's movies about near future, the world of tomorrow of Running Man look like our world in mid/late 80's but with futuristic elements.

Los Angeles in 2017. Huge skyscrapers of rich citizens and shanty town of poor citizens. Like in Trancers (1985), old Los Angeles was destroyed by earthquake.

Architecture of the future.

Law enforcements. Police pilots; Prison Guards with gas masks and armed either with Calico M100 Rifle or Colt Commando; Guards with vests and riot helmets, all armed with Aug Steyr.

Typical 80's style computer interfaces of the future.

Some futuristic vehicles.

And of course neon lights :)


  1. I know this is a 70s film, not an 80s one, but you must include the original Rollerball.

  2. Great stuff! Lot of itneresting design elements.