Saturday, 5 October 2013

I saw Prince Harry today! - part1

There is International Fleet Review 2013 in Sydney when more than 40 warships from different countries steamed to Sydney harbor. Prince Harry have arrived in Sydney to inspect the fleet and I was on Rocks today to watch airplane show at 2:15.

But the airshow was delayed for an hour and I noticed that more and more cops were coming to the harbor. 

And then I saw royal escort. Prince Harry left his car, had a chat with Sydney fans, came on board of a small ship and steamed out of the harbor.  I was managed to catch Prince Harry arrival on cam, but I need to edit the video it first before sharing it on youtube.

Photos of royal escort after Prince Harry headed to his boat (sorry, no prince on these photos, you need to wait for the video.)

Prince Harry is leaving the harbor.

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  1. You have my Sympathies, we seem to be exporting Gingers rather than Convicts to Australia these days. XD.... Kidding - I met him a couple of times around the messes in the UK, he takes his military duties seriously - Unfortunately he will always have to be treated differently (like having a Platoon of Gurka's or SAS unit everywhere he goes, but it does give him a chance at a semi-normal life and some firey banter his way, which he cannot hide from in the Military...)