Thursday, 17 October 2013

Soviet Sci-Fi Diafilms in English translation?

Random frames from "Ninth Planet of Taya (1964)"

While discovering the joy of Soviet Diaflims (Filmstrips), I found that some of sci-fi genre filmstrips were produced from 60's to 80's. As for me, who was born in the end of Soviet era, grew up in Modern Russia and now live in Australia for 6 years, I found that old Soviet Sci-Fi was very unique. 

So I thought that some of you may be interested if I translate these old Diafilms into English language? I doubt if any of these diafilms were released outside the Iron Curtain, so it will be interesting journey to see the future  through the eyes of soviets :) 

If you are interested, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS and I will create a new "Soviet Diafilm Blog" :)

I will try my best with translation, and I don't think it will be very hard, because most of diafilms use simple language. And please, if you'll find any mistakes in my translation (English is my second language), just add your comments in my future Diafilm related posts.

Random frames from "Hunting for Setavr (1980)"


  1. Please do - go on and translate them! I'm very interested!

  2. This is really fascinating stuff - I'd love to see more.