Friday, 18 October 2013

Test of Soviet Diafilm translation :)

While waiting for your comments and opinion on my possible English translation of science fiction Diafilms (Filmstrips) from Soviet Union, I decided to make a sample translation of third frame from "Ninth planet of Teya (1980)". 

Here you can see an original and a translated frame. To keep the feel of Russian Cyrillic font (pretty simple and boring font in my opinion, but it is the widest used font in Russia), I choosed regular Arial font. As you can see sentences in English language are much shorter than in Russian. 

3rd frame in Russian.

3rd frame in English.


  1. 'ship was built'.

    Good effort. Its out of context to be sure but I would certainly read all the frames if you went ahead and translated them.


    1. Just scaled down the frames and changed some English sentences, to make them sound better.

  2. I am looking forward to this. Great start. Thanks.

  3. Хм! Интересные совпвдения - жду от товарища из Тюмени несколько диафильмов с фантастическими сюжетами