Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ottoman Empire

While working on two 10 man units of British Empire, I've decided to order some other Victorian Era soldiers to fight with Brits. I was thinking about French, Germans, Russians but then I decided to get some Turks, because I love uniforms of the Ottoman Empire! There were only minor changes in their uniform in second half of 19 century and beginning of 20 century, when they change it to khaki uniform of WW1.
For my Ottomans I decided to use Peter Pig Egyptians from Sudan Range, because they use the very similar uniform.

 Here are the pictures of all Egyptians from Peter Pig:

And also some of Bashi Bazouks (

Sadly Peter Pig don't have any Egyptian cavalry to be used as Ottoman regular cavalry. So maybe I'll buy some of the British horsemen and swap their heads with Egyptian ones from this range

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  1. The Turks are somewhere on my "to-do" list for the same reason as yours: they look cool.

    If your project turns out well, I may bump them up a few spots.