Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bogatyr - heavy tank of Russian Empire

Just finished Bogatyr heavy tank for Armies Army. Bogatyr is an epic hero from Slavic legends, similar to knight-errant.

The Bogatyr is a heavy armored tank of Russian Empire. It has a crew of 3 and armed with heavy gun located in automated unmanned turret + 2 remote controlled machine guns (same type as on Kurganets-40 MGS). Engine is located at front, crew in middle section and auto-loader in rear section. Like modern Israeli Merkava tank, Bogatyr have armored door at rear part of the hull to load the ammunition. By removing some of the ammo it is possible for Bogatyr to carry up to 5 passengers. 


  1. Никита, а ты эту прелесть печатать будешь?

    1. Буду но не я а Armies Army :)

    2. Ага, Спасибо. Тогда подожду. Там еще неплохие превью попадались.

  2. Your work is really quite nice. I didn't realize it was you who was doing the designs for Keith. Keep it up.